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Below is the bread | butter of the services we provide: but underlying it all is our ability to look at your business and see the issues and solutions for opportunities or problems in a myriad of ways we have not listed here. Please... Contact us

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We do work in Shopify | Shift4 Media

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores. It includes a content management system that allows users to manage inventory, edit HTML and CSS code, create coupon and discount codes, and accept online payments with major credit cards. We love Shopify. The admin back end is easy to negotiate and understand without you having to be a geek, it provides useful admin tools out of the box and is well priced.


As 'Shopify Experts' we can :
• organise (and/or import) your product information, pricing and photos
• select a suitable theme and customise to suit
• set up your site structure, home page and navigation
• help with basic configuration of domains and payments
• give you the initial training you need to operate and maintain your new store

• build shopify applications and webhooks to integrate with your own systems.


Prices start at $1250 + $95 / hour. We can get medium sized sites to eCommerce operation in about 30 hours.


We also will offer help with domain purchase and off site data hosting.

Payment gateway assistance with DPS, Paypal, Stripe

Mailchimp mailout and newsletter integration



Prices quoted do not include the monthly Shopify user pricing.


Wix Web Design
We do work in Wix | Shift4 Media

We are  'Wix Arena Partners' and beta rollout first adopters of new Wix features.  We know Wix like the back of our hand. The new Editor X Pro Level design platform is awesome.

We have to admit there is nothing stopping you making your very own website all on your own with Wix. But is that what you want to do with your business - tinker with web sites?


Our ability and experience with Desktop Publishing software and graphics capabilities combined with our back end systems & coding knowledge means we can create a site with great functionality and leave you to get on with your core passion - your business.


We can also offer various custom additions utilising patch-ins from our own servers for specialist applications.


Base charge is $800 set up + $95 / Hour. We can normally get a great site operational in hardly no time. You'd be surprised!


Prices quoted do not include the monthly Wix user premium pricing.

We do work in Wordpress | Shift4 Media

We do all our Wordpress sites using the framework themes of Divi or Visual Composer. With such a huge base of ready to go themes available or starting from scratch with a blank canvas we create very 'pro' looking sites and of course, fully responsive i.e. mobile friendly, as standard.

We are Woo-Commerce adept.

Duda, a Wordpress based modular platform is another medium we work in. Check it...


Quotes on an individual basis depending on scope and complexity.


We connect systems | Shift4 Media
Patchability - our bespoke code and development engine

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, off the shelf web apps and sites often need some form of adjustment and tweaking. Not a change to the style or graphic. No. But a fundamental altering of the innerworkings of a website or management system at a code or operational level.


Blending one system to converse and interact with another - we do this regularly but whilst each and every project is different.


It's like getting a spanner out of your tool box and mechanically taking digital componets apart, altering how they work and bolting it all back together.


Here is an example: Connecting Google Calender to Xero saving the monthly invoicing headache.


See: for really deep stuff.

SEO Online marketing
We shout out via Social Media | Shift4 Media
SEO and Online Marketing

It's not a black art!

But you'd think it was the way some people keep it so close to their chests.  However, how it works is not widely known or understood and at the same time it's pretty tedious to run. Results occur over a medium to long time frame rather than instantly, so results have to be monitored and things updated for best effect.


The process is split into 'organic' on-site optimisation + a digital and social media advertising function for which seperate budgets need to be allowed for. These budgets will be in place of your current traditional media advertising, not 'as well as'.


We have a system, broadly classified as : scoping - research - implimentation - feedback/change.


Base charge is $600 set up + $100/hour. The time to undertake a project can vary considerably, plus ongoing monthly management. Plus an external advertising budget may be required.


Please call so we can talk through the process and make sense of it for you.

We do work in Mailchimp | Shift4 Media
Mailchimp Newsletters

Mailchimp is a fun, functional and relatively simple platform for creating and sending email newsletters. It can be used on its own or integrated into other platforms.


There are a stack of off the shelf templates available or we can create something just for you.


The good thing is Mailchimp is free to use below a certain threshold, and for small business, that threshold is pretty high!


We can have you running very quickly using an off the shelf template and support you with some basic tutorials starting at $200. Further support at $95 / hour.

Social Media Set Up

Where do you start !?


Let us help.

There's no getting away from social media as a tool for business. A huge audience at a local or national level and if relevant, internationally. Reach of ad campaigns can be targeted by a multitude of filters including geographic position, interest or demographic.


We can set you up, show you what to do, explain the 'why', the 'how' and the 'when' in a way you'll understand.


Cost is $250 for a clean set up. Further support at $95 / hour.

We do SEO | Shift4 Media
Social Media
We are InDesign Ninja's  | Shift4 Media
Print Design Services

If you need a document or publication put together with Adobe Creative Suite - the industry standard, then we can certainly do this. Over twenty five years of publishing experience to call on. From Rack Cards to A0 Posters to 100+ page Magazines.


$95 / hour


Call for a chat about your project and indepth pricing.



Pro Bono work for community orgs as long as you don't want the earth!

Print Design
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