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Social Media Services


From a business level the use of social media is all about increasing the reach of your product or brand. That in turn needs to transfer back in the form of increased sales, bookings, awareness or whatever the focus of your site is. For instance the ubiquitous Facebook currently has 950+ million active users worldwide. In March 2012, the site experienced an average of 526 million daily active users. It’s the ability to tap into that massive market, but more importantly, directly onto the computer or personal mobile device of YOUR target audience that makes the medium so compelling.


We can help you decide on a social media strategy that is appropriate for your business and integrate the social media strategy into the overall business strategy.


Make Friends with Social Media

Because of this directed and measurable audience targeting, The CMO Survey*, February 2012, indicates that marketers continue to increase spend on social media. In the next 5 years, marketers expect to spend 19.5% of their budgets on social media, almost three times more than the current level! Social media ad spending will hit US$8.3 billion in 2015, up from US$2.1 billion last year.


The Best Elements of Social Media

If you had not considered it before, consider it now – the traditional means of advertising to increase business profits or awareness is all but dead. And possibly with it, the printed version of the 4th Estate. There is no doubt we are living through a period of great media change. We understand what is happening. We can direct and execute your social media campaigns and advertising, via digital or printed media, to support your brand building promotions locally or nationally throughout New Zealand as appropriate.


Is Social Media Working for You

Yes, there is a more hands on approach needed and an appreciation of Socials’ holistic qualities, but once set up social media and online marketing need not be an onerous task. We can ensure full leveraging of the website for maximum impact and results.

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