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What we really do...


Many people have a block on starting a business or a website or a personal project.


We have found that sometimes, what we do is not "assist people with building a website or an eCommerce businees," but in reality the value we offer is different: We help you move past fear, organise your entire professional life, set up the company, the accounts mechanism, provide prompts and understand there is more that goes on in your life that can easily sideline you, etc. Like, doing the dishes...


We are your partner

You can't do everything alone. You need a team around you in the process providing support. But however you proceed forward: work with someone (a mentor, a friend, a teacher, etc) or within a group of people.


Focus on process, not the destination. Most complex and impressive goals are really made up of the most simple steps repeated again and again. That is where we focus.


FOCUS goals and resources

DEFINE messaging and brand

TARGET ideal customers/users

JOIN the communities you hope to engage

SHARE milestones that matter

GROW your client base via analysis and observation


We can provide a series of programs to help you on your way...


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